Mama Hen

Mama Hen

Sunday, December 11, 2011

MIA but back...

I have been MIA for a bit after a devastating miscarriage and a surprise pregnancy after which resulted in the worst morning sickness I have ever experienced. To call it morning sickness is an understatement. It was all day sickness feeling like I was riding the Tilt_A-Whirl at the Carnival. Or perhaps the worst cruise in the world.

But I am back, and feeling pretty well at 18 weeks preggo. I got a wild hair and decided to give chickens a try again. My last hatch actually did go so bad considering I used Trader Joe's eggs and we had a 20 hour power outage, I still managed to get 2 eggs to hatch! That is nothing short of amazing. Go Brinsea! I did wrap my incubator in a blanket and it did the trick.

So I am about ready to try out my Brinsea again. This time I am setting 17 silkie eggs for the New Years hatch a long at Back Yard Chickens. I am super excited to see hwo this goes. I already love my Brinsea Eco and the ease of the auto turner. I wonder if the folks at Brinsea Eco could come up with some different egg holders, those wire one a tough to use, I fear breaking an egg using them. While I have not broken an egg yet, some thing flexible might be nice.

So here we go! Check back for more updates.

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